The Awesome Patron Honor Roll

Patrons of Star Wars 7×7 are the heart and soul of my listenership and viewership. Their support is eminently practical – they keep the lights shining, the website running, and the studio humming.

Their support is also deeply emotional for me. It takes a lot to do a daily Star Wars podcast – more than 2,000 episodes to date! The votes of confidence from Patrons reinforce my commitment to show up at the microphone everyday to deliver a dose of Star Wars joy to the galaxy at large.

The Patron Honor Roll is current as of 2/20/20 (Patron levels removed for their privacy):

Ruralfarmboy Anthony
Alex Joel Arroyo
Johnathon Atchley
Senseless Babble
Chris Balfour
Morten Bay
Bill Beinitz
Andreas Binzenhofer
Rich Bonomo
David Bosniak
Adil Burney
Fred Butler
Kevin Cain
Hector Colon
Jason Cooper
Joshua Dlouhy
Daniel Dye
Jamie Eastman
Katie Fouks
Jon Frost
Jeff Fulton
KT Glitz
Bobby Gordon
Jarrod Gorman
Bradley W Hall
Anne Aart Hildering
Doug Howard
Stephen Howard
Pioter Janeling
Pamela Johnson
Beth Karetnick
Andrew G Keen
Dennis Keithly
Doug Kenyon
Nathan Lantzy
Robbie Latham
Cedric Mitchell
Josh Most
Clay Musser
Doug Reid
Joe Ritchie
David (Stay RADdus)
Tony Sturgeon
David Vanderhoof
Christophe Verschuere
Jeff Wickson
Timothy C Wilcock
R Young
Hendrik Zimmet