132: Ben Burtt Bantha Tracks Flashback


Today we bring you snippets of an interview of Ben Burtt, director of sound effects and design for then Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. You’ll get to hear how he designs sounds to match a visual effect, how he’s collecting sounds, and what he considers to be the most difficult sound effects to create. It’s just over 7 minutes long, give it a listen!

Star Wars Fun Fact

Surprising or little known Star Wars tidbits, sometimes related to today’s Force Feature.

Did you know? Ben Burtt, the subject of our Force Feature, is widely credited with starting the sound editor’s in-joke of using the Wilhelm scream, which Wikipedia notes, “the scream is often used when someone is shot, falls from a great height, or is thrown from an explosion.” You can hear it in the podcast for this show’s episode, too!

Life on “Tweet”-ooine

A featured dispatch from the Star Wars Twitterverse!

Star Wars Swag Bag

So many fun, quirky, and awesome ways to bring Star Wars into your daily life!

Vader’s Little Princess 2015 Wall Calendar – click the pic for details!

Vader's Little Princess 2015 Wall Calendar

Trivia Time!

Test your knowledge of the Star Wars universe!

Yesterday’s answer: Luke Skywalker

Today’s question: Who gave Han the bad news that the code for the Endor bunker had been changed?

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