1. Random Rodian

    What about Greedo? He says in A New Hope he was waiting for a long time to kill Solo, so he could have a brief appearance in the Han Solo movie where Han makes him angry or something. I hope in the upcoming movies they have a few of the OT (Original Trilogy) aliens appear (Rodians, Mon Calamari, Hutts, Gran, etc…), cuz to me it seems the aliens they introduced in TFA and R1 were pretty good, but didn’t speak ‘Star Wars’ to me. I mean sure, some aliens in the OT weren’t that great, but it’d be nice if they had some of the old standbys in the backgrounds of the movie. In the PT (Prequels), there were some new aliens (Cereans, Kel Dor, Geonosians, etc…), but they still had the OT aliens in it. I hope they continue that more with the next films, keep the old and bring in some new, not all new with no old. (P.S. I wasn’t around when the OT came out, so I’m not an old stuffy guy who only swears by the Originals

    1. Allen Voivod

      Hello, Random Rodian! Yes, you’re absolutely right, a Greedo cameo should totally happen in the movie. I’d love to see him show up a couple of times in places where Han has been and has just taken off, so Greedo just misses him every time, and swears in Rodian more aggressively every time. Good call on that one, thanks for the comment! –Allen


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