1. Wally Medina

    As a whole it was a “good” movie with mistakes and I’m sorry to say didn’t like Alden when he was casted as our beloved smuggler and after seeing it twice I concluded that I still didn’t like him. I closed my eyes and maybe one or twice I heard Han. And his naming was awful, he tells us his father worked as a ship builder so he must’ve had a family name. I would have just liked if he had gotten caught my Imperial security and having found he was working for the crime lords forced in the Imperial Navy – since it was war times and they probably need everyone they can get. I would’ve like to have seen more of Beckett’s crew. For that I give credit for the new characters all which I enjoyed, plus seeing the Falcon got my eyes misty (made me feel like when I had my first new car) and the ending – for spoiler I won’t say but it does set up the possible Kenobi movie

    1. Allen Voivod

      Thanks for the comment, Wally! You know, I’ve been going back over Alden’s performance in my mind, and at this point, I’m still thinking I prefer him over the other two who had been shortlisted for the gig. It’s not perfect, but man, it’s a high bar, so I think I just went in with lowered expectations…

      The last name thing was a surprise, and I agree with you, seems like an error if he was able to remember as much about his father as he does. The crew was definitely a strong point, and I felt the same way about the Falcon. Overall, I felt like the movie had a lot to recommend it.

      The ending drives me a little crazy because I have a hard time believing that character even being alive anymore, But I know he’s in the time of both cartoon series, so it is what it is…


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