1. Adil Burney

    Hi Alan, Keep up the great work. I know that you try to keep things positive but I’m surprised that you haven’t touched on Mark Hamill’s recent retweet (“missed opportunities”).

    I’m not a fan of TLJ (love TFA, R1; Solo and the ep9 teaser) principally for the deconstruction of our hero Luke. There were certain great scenes (Mary Poppins Leia, Forcetiming etc…). I also give credit to Rian (who seems to be a nice, talented but very stubborn guy) for taking big risks. I can see what some love about his movie. However, it’s clearthat his movie really divided the fan base (and it’s not just the Russian trollers or Trump supporters ).

    It would be great if you could address Mark’s comments (it’s clear to me that he’s not happy with how his character was handled by Rian but also JJ) and at maybe touch on whether you really truly believe that the Rian trilogy will actually happen given the divide.

    Basically, I wish you would give your candid opinions on some tough SW questions. Us Patreons could you feed the questions….


    1. Allen Voivod

      Hi Adil,

      Thanks for you comment and the kind words, too.

      I feel like I’ve covered a lot of this on the podcast already, actually. I revisited the most controversial thing Mark said and reviewed it with the benefit of having seen TLJ, and other feedback from Mark, in episode 1,267.

      I’m not convinced the fan base is divided as you describe it, and I spent a lot of time on that very topic when I was analyzing the box office results of Solo – some people were suggesting the poor performance was a TLJ backlash, and I went over the evidence six ways from Sunday, even going back to the TLJ box office, and I can’t convince myself that it was a significant part of it.

      If you happen to check out video versions of the show on YouTube, you’ll see a running dialogue I’ve had there with a listener who feels much the same as you do about the divide.

      Meanwhile, there’s evidence that Lucas himself envisioned this character turn for Luke, and long before JJ or RJ got involved – https://www.slashfilm.com/force-awakens-concept-art-luke/.

      I won’t say “never,” but the list of topics I have for future episodes is long enough that I can’t see addressing Mark’s feelings about this again in the foreseeable future, unless something REALLY big comes of it.

      Yes, I do think the RJ trilogy is still happening, and Kennedy said he’s working with B&W – I’m just puzzled by the new schedule announcement. If LFL hadn’t specifically said series of “films” about B&W, I might have thought the 2022/2024/2026 movies were RJ’s and B&W would be getting their own series for Disney+. But Iger said there won’t be original SW “films” on D+, so I think there’s still a lot to be revealed.

      And also, LFL hasn’t been afraid to very publicly cut bait with creatives (Michael Arndt, Josh Trank, Colin Trevorrow, Lord & Miller), so if they were going to cut bait with RJ, I wouldn’t expect it to be quiet.


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