Episode 347: Is the New EU Making the Movies Better?


Now that we have six issues each of Star Wars and Darth Vader in the comics, not to mention Heir to the Jedi, all taking place in the Original Trilogy era, is it possible that the stories we’re being told and the revelations being dropped upon us are going to make the movies themselves better?

As in, are we going to develop a deeper appreciation for the movies based on the additional information we’re receiving in the comics and novels?

So far, I think the jury’s out on the whole Sana Solo thing – too much left to reveal for us to make a judgment. But today, we’re talking about the revelations that Obi-Wan Kenobi had been a thorn in Jabba the Hutt’s side for many years, and that Obi-Wan kept a journal he hoped to pass on to Luke. (Why didn’t e pack that for the ride to Alderaan, I wonder?)

The idea that Obi-Wan wasn’t just sitting around makes me thrilled to see what stories the new group plans to tell. I want to see how the Obi-Wan who went into the desert at the end of Revenge of the Sith became the Obi-Wan who came out of the desert in A New Hope.

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Yesterday’s answer: Yoda

Today’s question: What device did Captain Needa think the Falcon was too small a ship to have installed?

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