1. Eddie Flores

    It’s possible that K.Ren might be referring to the jedi in general (eg: darth maul to sidious; “reveal ourselves to the jedi”), Or maybe jedi in the plural sense (Luke and/or Leiah*). This is a little off subject, but nobody seems to be talking about it. In reference to the Korean tv spot, the first order assembly apparently shows Hux and Phasma, but no K.Ren. By SW history, military/government assembly is usually shown at the end of the film. If this is the case with TFA, then why isn’t K.Ren present in the assembly? Hmm?

    1. Allen Voivod

      Hi Eddie,

      That’s a great third way of thinking about the “Jedi” quote, a point well made – thanks for sharing it!

      As for your other point about military assembly, I’m not so sure. Yes, in the medal ceremony in Star Wars, but no for Empire (there’s really no assembly in that movie at all). And in Jedi, the assemblies are in the beginning and middle (with Vader’s and Palpatine’s arrivals on Death Star II).

      As for the prequels, not really for Phantom Menace (we get to see invading armies squaring off at the beginning of Act III), yes for Attack of the Clones (the Grand Army), but (as best as I can recall) no for Revenge of the Sith.

      Also, Luke is present for the Star Wars one, but I’d suggest that’s for him more as a pilot than as a Jedi. In ROTJ, the assemblies are actually done to welcome the arrival of Vader and of Palpatine. Maybe Kylo and/or Supreme Leader Snoke are about to be introduced to the crowd in that scene, if they’d let it roll for another 30 seconds?

      Neat question to think about, though…thanks again!

  2. Rob

    Yeah I’m thinking that he means Jedi as in more than one. You don’t say Jedis, because Jedi is also plural (I’m pretty sure). Just like Samurai not Samurais. 🙂

    1. Allen Voivod

      Thanks for your reply, Rob! You know, when I hear that option, it makes me think that the backstory of TFA then has to be that there’ve been a bunch of Jedi trained, and the New Order and/or the Knights of Ren are eliminating them.

      But it seems too much like the Prequel Trilogy in my head for me to convince myself that it’s the answer. You’re very right, though, “Jedi” could easily mean Jedi plural, not singular.


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