1. Joe G

    What if Kylo brought her to the Jakku because he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. He sells her to the junk dealer and Han and Leia think she is dead so they have no reason to believe that she could be their daughter.

    1. Allen Voivod

      Thanks for the comment, Joe! That’s a REALLY good theory. And there’s a history of people being stashed in random corners of the galaxy, so it works on that level. You could also think of it as a death sentence in its own right, which is also a very Star Wars-y thing to do, like Obi-Wan leaving Anakin to burn to death, even though he doesn’t.

      In fact, that’s a cool inversion. Anakin is left behind and becomes the embodiment of pure evil. Rey is left behind and becomes the embodiment of pure good. Great food for thought, Joe!


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