Episode 720: The EW Rogue One Cover Reveal


ew-rogue-one-first-look-coverWell, Lucasfilm had quite the wake up call for us yesterday. They announced on Good Morning America the big feature coming in Entertainment Weekly this week – an exclusive first look at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

We’ve got a bonus-length podcast for you today, digging into all the details about three reveals on the cover, the teasers for the content of the mag, and the Good Morning America segment here for you. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Based on Scott’s comment on the post, I put EV-9D9 and R-2SO together in a pic to see how similar they look. There was definitely something to the idea, I have to admit, but the more I look at them, the more I’m thinking R-2SO comes from somewhere else. Scott, I really appreciate the idea, though – thanks for inspiring me to check it out and make the comparison!


Trivia Time!

Test your knowledge of the Star Wars universe!

Yesterday’s answer: Reset the fuses on the blast doors

Today’s question: What real-world organization is represented by a flag outside of Maz Kanata’s castle?


  1. Scott Murray

    Allen, the new droid in Rogue one looks a lot like the droid at Jabba’s palace that assigned R2 to the sail barge in RotJ.

    1. Allen Voivod

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for your comment! In my mind it felt like there were similarities between the two when you flagged it, but when I put pictures of them side by side, it kind of fell apart for me, unfortunately. I’m going to update the post with the image… but it *does* seem like there’s something to your idea, though…



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