The Respected Patron Emeritus Roll

Not everyone can be a Patron of Star Wars 7×7 for an indefinite period of time. Spending priorities and life circumstances, for example, all have a way of changing over the years.

The folks listed in the Patron Emeritus Roll were significantly committed Patrons in the past. Though they’re no longer participating in that way, I’m still supremely grateful to all of them for their contributions to the metaphorical tip jar.

The Patron Emeritus Roll is current as of 3/5/19 (Patron levels removed for their privacy):

Alex Chellberg
Bryan Fontaine
Shadoe Fox
Chris Gilley
Andrew Heiting-Doane
Steve Kirk
Kate Lemay
Paul Lindberg
Rodger Paxton
Kevin Skarritt
Johnny Two Tubes
Brad Wilkinson