Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Podcast Briefings

What follows are links to the main “Briefing” episodes that recap the events of each episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. For additional analysis of characters, plot lines, connections to other Star Wars stories, and much more, check out The Bad Batch category of the show!

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Season 1

Episode 1: Aftermath

Episode 2: Cut and Run

Episode 3: Replacements

Episode 4: Cornered

Episode 5: Rampage

Episode 6: Decommissioned

Episode 7: Battle Scars

Episode 8: Reunion

Episode 9: Bounty Lost

Episode 10: Common Ground

Episode 11: Devil’s Deal

Episode 12: Rescue on Ryloth

Episode 13: Infested

Episode 14: War-Mantle

Episode 15: Return to Kamino

Episode 16: Kamino Lost