Star Wars 7×7 Credits

Star Wars 7x7 Credits | #SW7x7Star Wars 7×7, the Rebel-rousing podcast for everyday Jedi, may be Allen Voivod’s one-man show. But there are others who have contributed to its creation as well!

Produced by:
Epiphanies, Inc.

Kevin Skarritt, Flock Marketing

Studio/set design:
Stacey Lucas, Veggie Art Girl

Technical support:
Podcasters Paradise (Note: We receive an affiliate commission from purchases made through this link)

Lou Bortone

Outro music clip:
“Cantina Band,” The Midweeklings

Star Wars Trivia Weekly Lightning Challenge music:
“Binary Suns” (Coyote Kisses Remix)

Star Wars character audio clips:
Lucasfilm, Ltd. (see full disclaimer)

This Date in Star Wars History sources:

Trivia Time:
Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, Classic Trilogy Edition

Thank you, one and all!

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