1. I loved this episode, because…

    I listen to the weekly trivia show with my son who is 11 years old. (He is also named Declan!) Last week, he said to me, “He’s cheating!” When I asked what he meant, Declan said that because you don’t answer prequel and Clone Wars questions (and I guess Rebels too, to keep this within the new canon), that this was cheating. I defended your honor, and explained to him that no, this is not cheating. But it was nice to learn why you only do original trilogy question. I will be sure to explain it to Declan!

    if you are looking for a new source of trivia questions, check out this book…


    We had Erin, the author, on our show a few months ago. It is an amazing tome!

    1. Allen Voivod

      Hi Tim – Thank you for defending my honor! 🙂 And I’d checked out that book back when she was on your show, and I feel certain it would utterly defeat me. My Expanded Universe knowledge is next to nil, and what there was is rusty at best. –Allen


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