1. joe

    Ok I gave this alot of thought because I was showing my nieces the movies for the first time. I came up with this. Episode 1 because its the most kid friendly and follow that with 2, then go back to 4 and 5. That way the kids get the vader is his dad moment. Then 3 and finish with 6 for the happy ending. 124536 for short lol.


    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks so much for chiming in! Did your nieces ask questions about the last name in common when Luke is introduced in A New Hope, or did that just go over their heads?


      1. Joe

        They did ask and I explained we were watching Anakin’s son. So it was actually a double wammy when they found out that Vader was Anakin. They were watching the whole time trying to figure out who Vader was and one of my nieces keep saying it was a really old Count dooku. The other one thought that it was Jar Jar (though everytime she said it she laughed lol)

        1. Allen Voivod

          Ahhh, yes, because you showed III after V, I get it. Nifty way of pulling it off!


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