1. Stbrianofminneapolis

    Hey there, I love the podcast in general. I do have to say that I thick this recent episode was a bit too “spoilery”. It might be true that Hammil and Ridley are filming at Skellig Michael for E VIII, but for me that reveals way more about Rey than I currently know.
    While this is super cool news as I have been to Skellig Michael, this is more than I want to know.

  2. Allen Voivod

    Thanks for your comment, and your kind words about the podcast!

    For what it’s worth, your comment included:

    “It might be true that Hamill and Ridley are filming at Skellig Michael for E VIII…”

    I haven’t yet listened back to the podcast to double check, but if I said they were there for Episode VIII, then I misspoke. All that’s happened is that the crew allegedly went back there with Episode VIII stuff on the mind, but what specifically they were after, no one’s reported yet. So, possibly less “spoilery” than it might have seemed.

    That said, I’ll definitely take your comment into consideration as we work on future episodes. Occasionally, we draw a line in the podcast and tell people to skip ahead if they don’t want to hear potential spoilers….does that work well for you?


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