Episode 918: Who Will Die in Rebels Season 3?


season-3-star-wars-rebels-deathI participate in a few Facebook groups – two in particular which are relevant to today’s podcast being Star Wars Podcasts and Podcasters and Star Wars Podcast Alliance.

In those groups, I posted a poll a few days ago, with the following introduction:

There’s usually a fairly significant death at the end of a season of Rebels. Since Filoni has labeled this the “Empire Strikes Back” season of Rebels – and Tim McMahon said that before Dave did! – who do you think will die at the end of this season? (Not who you *want* to see die, but who you think the Rebels creative team will kill off. Multiple option selection is turned on.)

For the choices, I included the four Ghost crew members whose fates we don’t yet know (Hera and Chopper survive the series, as Rogue One taught us), and six other folks. So, Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, Thrawn, Kallus, Maul, Jun Sato, Rex, and Bendu.

Three of those ten accounted for 86% of the votes – one from the Ghost crew, two others not on the crew. In today’s podcast, I’m discussing the results. I’d love to know who you think won’t survive the season – again, not who you *want* to see die, but who you think Lucasfilm would kill off to move the story forward. Share your thoughts in the comments, or hit me up on the social channels in that Brady-Bunch-style image!

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