1. I would love to see an Obi Wan movie! There is so much depth there to explore, his own sense of betrayal, his desperation to keep Luke & Leia safe, even really a skewed sense of justice — after all he and Yoda are guiding Luke into unwitting patricide. Not really a nice thing. Let’s also not forget a great tidbit back from “Clone Wars.” In one episode when Mandalorian Duchess Satine’s life is in danger, her obviously eluded to relationship with Obi Wan comes to a head when he reveals, “If you had just asked, I would left the order for you.” Granted, CL is not considered canon, but WOW!, wouldn’t that be something to explore. Not to mention, the bit of hypocrisy of him frowning on Anakin’s relationship with Padme given that context.

    1. Allen Voivod

      Hi Cindy! Thanks for the comment. And CW is totally considered canon (the Dave Filoni one, not the Genndy Tartakovsky one), so the Satine business is absolutely on the table. I think she, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon were together and on the run and in hiding for the better part of a year, and that’s when Obi got so close to her.

      And I said this on the podcast where I covered that episode, and I’ll say it here again – that was a jerk move by Obi to try to lay the blame/guilt on Satine’s doorstep on that one. It wasn’t hers to ask, it was his to decide. He let me down on that one. 🙂


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