Episode 1,425: Scoundrel Business: Silver Linings in Solo’s Box Office Numbers


With all the headlines saying that Solo: A Star Wars Story is a “bomb,” is “crashing” at the box office, and other clever things like that, it’s tougher to find some positive news about how Solo did over the long Memorial Day weekend. But the details are there, if you only know where to look… Punch it!

The video below has the main topical content of the episode, and the audio version above has additional material!

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  1. Wally Medina

    Well, I’ve seen Solo 5 times (the first 2 views I do with my brother as our tradition going back to 1977 – the rest is with family or friends) The first time is to enjoy the movie the other times is to look for Easter eggs and background scenes, costumes, etc. But everyone I watch it with loves the movie but they say Alden Ehrenreich was okay but not great. I think unfortunately there lies the problem why fans are not coming out, plus if they feel like me a little ticked off about losing two loved characters – which we didn’t get to see together again. I also think the trailer may have done it damage cause when I first saw it I yelled “OMG Jack Black is Han Solo!”. It took me a few views and now I can’t wait for the next one.


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