1. Wally Medina

    Your blaster fire certainly hit the mark, Allen. Some of the reviews I’ve heard from friends are based on the story telling and the fact that EP 7-8 felt like reboots because of the similarity of EP 4-5. Another thing I hear is where are the Jedi? where is Boba Fett? Is what I get from younger fans who are beginning to join “the Force”. I myself felt let down with the fact we didn’t get to see the original characters together at least in one scene and that chance is lost since losing Princess Carrie Fisher. Another thing I believe is “word of mouth”. When I see I movie I like I always tell people go see this movie it’s great – that may not be the case for Solo.

    1. Allen Voivod

      Thanks for this comment, too, Wally. That same letdown you feel about not getting to see Han, Luke, and Leia together onscreen, I feel it too. The moment of Luke and Leia onscreen together in TLJ was super-special, though, and I’m supremely grateful for it.


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