1. Wally Medina

    I was a heavy Star Wars action figure collector growing up (still am lol) but I got tired of seeing the same figure in different gear – 20 Luke, 10 Leia and so on. I feel the same with the movies. It time to move away from the classic characters and explore the vast numbers of others. Such as Mandalorians – like where are they? Yuuzhan Vong would make a scary trilogy. My personal favorites Thrawn and Mara Jade – even if she’s from Legends. I would love to see these characters brought to life on screen. I would also like a movie based on the Empires POV and their buildup to war against the Rebels – which by the way in Solo, my eyes were wide when they showed a destroyer being built over Corellia, more of that please!

    1. Allen Voivod

      Hi Wally – thanks for the comment! I’m thinking/hoping that what we’re going to get from Rian Johnson and from the Game of Thrones guys is exactly that – something away from those classic characters. It’s time for some new classics!


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