1. Christophe Verschuere

    Hi Alan, how are you and your family holding up during these dire times?
    I hope you are all doing fine. Here in Belgium we are in lockdown since last week.
    About, the episode, it would be awesome to see Ashoka Tano in the Mandalarian! My kids really love that character. And I must say it is one of my favorite characters of ‘The Clone Wars’.
    Stay safe and keep entertaining us with a daily dose of STar Wars 🙂

    1. Allen Voivod

      Hi Christophe! We’re doing well, thankfully, and I hope you and your family are also safe and healthy.

      Re: Ahsoka, I must say that it’s interesting that we haven’t heard any denials from anywhere – I was just talking on the show today about how James Mangold made a point of denying the rumor that he was directing an episode of season 2. So does a non-denial by Dawson or anyone else mean that it’s legit? It just might… –Allen


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