1. Brendan

    Hey Allen,

    What are your thoughts on how the books should be read within The High Republic project? It’s a menial thing to be sure, but I like to sort my books according to SW chronology. And although my audiobooks are sorted alphabetically (for as long as I can still sort them because I’ve avoided upgrading the Mac OS since the sorting feature disappeared with iTunes after Catalina), I still like to sort books within a series in some way (e.g. Sort Album: “Star Wars – Canon – High Republic – Light of the Jedi” vs. “Star Wars – Canon – High Republic – 001”).
    On a completely different note, but since I’m here: have they really given up on releasing a Marvel comic book adaptation for SW9? It seems so jarring to do 4/5 Disney releases and just stop. Now that I think about it, some of the other more recent film-associated releases have seemed a bit… off. The Visual Guide releases for both Solo and SW9 were significantly smaller (frustratingly also in dimensions… for someone who likes a matching row of books) and there was never any SW9 Cross-Sections release. Any thoughts?

    1. Allen Voivod

      Hey Brendan! Thanks for asking! Yes, I do have a few thoughts…

      If I’m reading your High Republic question right, the recommended reading order for the three so far (from Disney/LFL PR) is Light of the Jedi, then A Test of Courage, then Into the Dark.

      I have tried reaching into Marvel and had no success so far, so I’m not sure what to say there, except that I agree with you wholeheartedly, the completist in me thinks it needs to be done.

      As for the DK books – knowing how far ahead they plan those, I’m not surprised that Solo and R1 had combined guides, because they had no idea how the movies would perform, so it made more sense to plan for just one book each. As for Rise of Skywalker, I too was surprised that they didn’t do both the Visual Dictionary and the Cross Sections separately. But in retrospect, maybe there just weren’t enough new ship designs to warrant a full Cross Sections book.

      Thanks again for the comment! –Allen


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