1. Rob

    You know that doesn’t really surprise me that more people play as the empire then the rebels, I think it doesn’t surprise me because if I ever try this game out I think I would choose to be the empire. Why would I be the empire? Probably because in the films we don’t get to see much of the empire’s perspective and IMO not everyone who is part of the empire is necessarily evil. They might all work for the emperor who is evil but they may not know he is evil. Also for most star wars games I played as a kid, you only ever get to be the rebels or whatever other good guys but you never could be the bad guys and fly their cool TIE fighters. Maybe there is another reason people choose to be the empire but this is just what comes to mind for me. 🙂

    1. Allen Voivod

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the reply! You’ve certainly got a point there – the only games I can remember that allowed you to play as an Imperial were TIE Fighter and X-wing vs. TIE Fighter. And TIE Fighter didn’t come out till 1994. I liked that game a lot better than the X-wing game, but I did go on the secret missions that had you working secretly against the Empire. 🙂

      As for Star Wars Commander, it was hard to resist the idea of stomping around in an AT-AT (I do love those things), so I can see the appeal…


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