1. John Burnett

    Managed to pick up some black series figures at my local walmart after going to Target where they were sold out. Picked up black series Rey, Finn, Kylo, and First order stormtrooper. Also picked up a couple black series ships, the millennium falcon, a new x-wing and a tie fighter. Might pick up some Funko pop figures in the future.. Wish they had a Poe Dameron Black series figure.. All in all a happy #forcefriday

    1. Allen Voivod

      That’s an awesome haul, John! And I have good news for you – Poe is supposed to be in Wave 2 of the releases, along with Captain Phasma, Constable Zuvio, Guavian, and a Snowtrooper (the latter, a TRU exclusive). Supposedly coming in October. Hang in there…


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