1. AHS

    Thank you for covering Rebels! I agree wholeheartedly about Rebels connecting with the Star Wars ‘verse better and providing more emotional resonance with viewers than Clone Wars (and I’ve followed both). The second-season finale of Rebels is one of the finest works of Star Wars storytelling I’ve ever seen.

    I heartily recommend John Jackson Miller’s A New Dawn (Sept. 2014), the first Star Wars canon novel of the Disney era, which is the original work that introduced the two main Rebels heroes before the series ever began.

    Thanks for the great podcast!

    1. Allen Voivod

      Thanks so much for the comment and encouragement! I haven’t reached the second season yet, though I hear nothing but amazing things about its finale. And I really liked A New Dawn as well – my only complaint is that they invented a great new villain with Count Vidian, and I think they wasted him, per se (without giving too much away for any readers who haven’t gotten to that one yet).


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