1. Pioter J, Sweden

    Mandalore, to me, is the nomadic feeling I got when reading Legacy of the Force-series. Fett “family” and the tree house…with Jaina Solo 😉
    Mandalore in CW wasnt that cool…if it was at the same Planet? (Legend is not Canon)

    About the issue of Disney writing episodes that has the veriety of Ethics and Moral, I am ambivalient but think the producers like deep And easy in parallells, if you follow my drift..,
    We adult have to get Something to ponder on when the kids has their feed.


    1. Allen Voivod

      I think you’re right about them giving us adults something to ponder while also giving the kids their entertainment. It’s a fine line to balance! I feel like, as I watch the series, the balance has been shifting to the adult side of the situation, though.

      I never made it that far into the Legends works – about the first dozen or so novels before it became too much to keep up with. I don’t think I ever got into anything where Jacen and Jaina were older than babies. So the Mandalore of Legends is lost on me. The cityscapes in CW remind me a bit of how they were folding cities in Inception, which is why I think I like it.


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