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  1. Tony Sturgeon

    The summer Return of the Jedi was released, I was 10 years old and my family had recently moved to England for my father’s job. One of the first things we did after arriving there was take a trip to a seaside village for a day at the beach. When we arrived and were looking for a place to park, we noticed everyone was wearing jackets and pants, while we were dressed in shorts and T-shirts. Obviously we were not ready for the weather in England. We weren’t sure what we were going to do since we weren’t dressed for a day outdoors, but we noticed a movie theater, and on its marquee was Return of the Jedi. I had been really disappointed that the move to England had not allowed me to see the movie right away, so I was insanely excited for this experience. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it, however, about halfway through the movie when Princess Leia is meeting Wicket for the first time, all of a sudden the movie stopped! I nearly lost my mind. I have been waiting for this film for three years, and then waiting even longer because of our move, and now I wasn’t going to get to finish it! But then the words “intermission“ appeared on the screen, and my parents had to explain to me that some theaters would pause the movie to allow you to get more concessions or go to the restroom. This was nothing I had ever experienced, but was greatly relieved when I was allowed to finish the film after a brief 10 minute break. It still remains one of my favorite theater experiences.


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