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  1. Mat

    First of all I love the podcast. Thank you for continuing to put out such a great production. All your hard work is greatly appreciated.

    I wanted to comment to add a different take on the scene with Mothma and Perrin in the backseat of their “car”. You said Mothma brings up Perrin’s gambling problem, but doesn’t realize the implications. I disagree. I think Perrin is telling the truth when he says he isn’t gambling. I believe he used to have a problem, but I think Mothma is making up his current situation knowing full well that the driver is listening, and also knowing by making up a gambling issue she could explain the missing money. She doesn’t want to have to resort to marrying off her daughter and is therefore willing to throw Perrin under the bus to try to find any other way out. I thought this showed her intelligence, cunning, and true feelings toward her husband. Also I thought it showed what she is willing to do to protect her daughter. I also thought it made the scene when she introduces her daughter to the young suitor that much more emotional. She is trying to find any other way, but is running out of time. Just my thoughts. Can’t wait until season two to see how it all plays out. Keep up the great work. May the force be with you.


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