1. A note on the idea of the stand alone films being “throw away stories” (I think that was the phrase you used).

    I believe that Alden Ehrenreich was signed to a three film deal. I’m not saying were getting a trilogybof Han Solo movies, but, I can envision a series of stand alone films that all tie together, kinda like the Marvel movies, but maybe on a smaller scale? It’s my guess that we will get something like this after Episode 9.

    I could be wrong, this is just fanboy speculation!

    1. Allen Voivod

      Hi Tim,

      Close enough! I think I said “disposable,” but I meant it only in terms of the idea that it would be one-and-done, not something on which they build a mini-franchise. In other words, I wasn’t insulting the stand-alone movies. 🙂

      I went looking, and all I could find was a rumor story from the NY Daily News claiming that an insider told them about an alleged three-picture deal. /Film suggested something similar to what you did, that if there really is such a deal, it doesn’t necessarily mean “trilogy,” and they suggested he could show up in the since-been-shelved Boba Fett movie. Heck, maybe he’ll be in a flashback in Episode VIII!


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