1. Chris

    Why can’t Finn be the son of solo/skywalker? Just because he has dark skin? You really need to learn more about biology and genetics. Your thinking is racism based on ignorance.

    1. Allen Voivod

      Wow, Chris, you’re coming in hot on that one! It’s based on what Star Wars as a brand has given us in the past, and what the rumor and spoilers are revealing, not on biology or genetics.

      Jedi are supposed to be ascetics, so it’s unlikely Luke is the dad. Han and Leia hooked up in ROTJ, and there’s every reason to believe it lasted for a significant period of time post-ROTJ.

      Sure, it’s possible that Leia dumped Han and took up with someone else in the intervening years who could have been Finn’s father. But is that likely? I’d say no. Even though the Expanded Universe version of Han and Leia’s long life together post-ROTJ isn’t canon anymore, I’m sure you’d agree that having Han and Leia be just a fling is not likely to be the kind of story Lucas would set out to tell.

      And if you’ve been reading the rumors and spoilers out there, then you know that the evidence is pointing in another direction, and not at Finn as the son of a Solo or Skywalker.

      So Chris, before you come blazing into our metaphorical living room with accusations of racism and ignorance, please try giving the benefit of the doubt to a fellow human being, and ask why I’ve arrived at an idea or conclusion that you don’t understand, instead of jumping to an unfounded one of your own.



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