1. Adil Burney

    Hi Allen:


    “if it happens/working on another movie”. No mention in years about RJ by Iger. RJ trilogy is clearly on hold (or life support)…

    Yes, Lucasfilm has never shied away from firing directors. But RJ is KK’s “chosen one”. In terms of production, TLJ was the best of the 4 movies to date. TFA was super messy (see Iger book) Rogue One and Solo (Gilroy/Howard hired to fix). Josh Trank etc…KK was glowing about RJ in Nov ’17 (watch the SW Show interview). She said “watching him craft TLJ from start to finish was one of the great joys of my career”. Her career is illustrious! Those are big words. KK rushed to announce the RJ trilogy before TLJ even came out. She badly miscalculated the divided fan reception (Hold motive #1). Then came the Solo debacle and the reset on all films except TROS…(motive #2). However, the first era of Disney SW ends with TROS. Only logical that they would want KK’s successor to really decide on SW 2020-2030.

    And that’s where Feige comes in with the laughable “coproduction with KK on a SW movie”- this is corporate succession planning speak. I also don’t believe that Feige is going to take over as CEO in 2021. Maybe 2024. Don’t think that he’s ready to run a Dow 30 company just yet. Too big a jump. More likely is that he leads Marvel/Lucasfim and maybe first replaces Alan Horn (he’s 76!). If RJ trilogy is to happen, it’s KK successor’s decision. Which just doesn’t make sense because RJ is too divisive (damaged goods)…

    I wrote you something about this a couple of weeks ago on an old post:


    Love your show and your opinions (even if I don’t always agree)…


    1. Allen Voivod

      Hi Adil – working backwards, first let me say thanks for the kind words about the show, and the kind way you express your difference of opinion!

      There was a time when I thought KK was going to be the successor to Iger in 2021. I wish I still felt that way, but I’m not so sure anymore. I think she’s qualified to do it, but I fear her tenure with Lucasfilm has been too “messy” (to borrow from your comment) to inspire shareholder confidence. Your point about it being too big a jump for Feige is well taken, but I think going to LFL would be a lateral move for him, and thus not desirable. I think your note about him succeeding Alan Horn is solid.

      And I will say that the RJ interview you linked is the first one I’ve heard where he sounds at all conditional about his trilogy happening. Every other interview I’ve heard or read previously has been of the tenor that it’s still a definite, and just a matter of when. But that one, not so much. For me, that would be a shame if it doesn’t happen, because I’d really like to see what he does outside of the Skywalker Saga, and not beholden to a previous story.


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