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  1. Boss607

    Episode 1 dwarfs Episode 7 in originality and memorable moments.

    Darth Maul, Podracing, the Trade Federation, the Droid Army, Queen Amidala, the N-1 Starfighters, Qui-Gon Jinn, the music (Duel of the Fates?), Dual-sided light saber….

    What did Episode 7 have?
    -The new Empire….I mean First Order.
    -We have a Death Star but it’s not a Death Star… it’s bigger! Ooooh
    -And it’s not the Rebel Alliance, it’s the Resistance! Creative!
    -And it’s not R2D2 (though he’s still there, too) it’s BB-8. Aren’t we creative guys?
    – X-wings, check.
    -Tie-fighters, check.
    – Chewbacca, check.
    -Music, what music?
    -The main bad guy is named…”Snoke”? Really? Is this Harry Potter?

    Episode 1 smashes this Original Trilogy retread.


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