Episode 728: Part 2: Our Interview With Anthony Breznican


anthony-breznicanIf you haven’t heard part one of our interview with Anthony Breznican, then check it out here first!

Once you’ve listened to it, tune in for part two, where we talk about how long he’s been writing about Star Wars, hosting The Force Awakens panel at Celebration Anaheim last year and everything that went into it, and lots, lots more.

Also, as we mentioned in yesterday’s post, here are links to where you can find Anthony online:




Non-Star-Wars-related: His studio tour with Steven Spielberg

Also: Last Night A Superhero Saved My Life, the collection of essays in with a piece by Anthony appears, along with essays by Jodi Picoult, Brad Meltzer, Neil Gaiman, and others

Trivia Time!

Test your knowledge of the Star Wars universe!

Yesterday’s answer: As her “boyfriend”

Today’s question: How does BB-8 get into the astromech socket in Poe’s X-wing?

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