1. Christophe Verschuere

    It would be so cool to get a live action Ashoka Tano series on Disney+.
    Although I must say if it would be doctor Aphra, I would also be fine with that. Any new Star Wars content we get is good. 🙂
    Now I hope that Disney+ is rolled out soon in Belgium so I can see the last season of “The Clone Wars”… Although I could do like I did with “The Mandalorian”… I know it’s wrong but I am glad I did it otherwise I would have been spoiled so badly with baby Yoda being all over Social Media…
    I am hungering for Disney+… It sure would also help to entertain my kids a bit more in these times of confinement. 😉
    Stay safe Allen and thanks for continuing this great podcast.

    1. Allen Voivod

      Ugh, I just looked, and all I see is that Disney+ won’t be available in Belgium until summer 2020. Hang in there….


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